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Service commitment

Service commitment


Service commitment:1. Establish complete sales / production / customer service files to ensure traceability according to ISO standards.
2. Warranty period: one year; And implement lifelong maintenance.
3. Three guarantees for quality: if the repair, return and replacement are guaranteed due to our design or manufacturing reasons.
4. Adhere to the implementation of pre-sales and in-sales services for customers, fully understand user needs and process requirements, provide customers with excellent solutions and master process dynamics.
5. Establish and improve standardized installation / Commissioning / training documents, fully provide technical support for users, and timely train relevant technicians and operators for users.
6. Any information transmitted by users / customers shall be recorded in detail, the complaints / complaints of users / customers shall be treated warmly and sincerely, and timely replies shall be made, explanations and after-sales maintenance shall be done.
7. Regularly track the equipment operation to ensure normal operation and implement the "customer care project".
8. Never satisfied with the status quo, continue to improve and continuously improve the service level.


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