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R & D Idea

R & D Idea


R & D Idea: 

HUGEST R & D team includes engineers in equipment, structure, technologist, hydraulics, automation, etc. with high quality and rich experience, we can communicate with you smoothly and cooperate closely to better provide you with excellent and practical overall solutions.


R & D Team

HUGEST have an excellent R & D team including engineers on the equipment, structural, process, hydraulic, auto-control designs by CAE & CFD, which are well-qualified and of rich engineering experiences . They work closely with you to provide excellent / practical Total Solutions better .


Bold thinking and rigorous verification

1. Avoid "pushing the train" thinking, go to the end, be rigorous and flexible, and lack creativity
2. Avoid random speculation, unclear thinking, lack of foundation and proof
3. Advocate "intuitive" thinking based on experience, make bold guesses and make rigorous proofs


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