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It is a high-tech private enterprise integrating R & D, manufacturing, sales and service


Since its establishment in January 2004, Liuzhou Hugest has experienced growth from small to large. During the major turning periods, Liuzhou Hugest has been lucky to receive the care and help of local government leaders at all levels, academic experts, business people and business partners, which is the spiritual force to support Hugest people to strive for self-improvement and forge ahead.
On the road of achieving "technical heroes and intelligent system experts", I have the honor to respect and encourage each other with a large number of like-minded colleagues, complement and help each other, deduce the arduous cause into creative work, and accumulate the ordinary work into magnificent achievements.
"Travel with great virtue and achieve excellence" -- the value of life does not lie in how much wealth individuals have, but in creating more wealth resources for the society. In the grand blueprint of the company, my colleagues and I will adhere to scientific and technological innovation as the cornerstone and strive to become a leader in the mixing equipment industry in China and even the world. Haojiete strives to provide excellent solutions and high-quality products Good service, contribute to the cause of green environmental protection and sustainable development, and realize self-worth.


Liuzhou Hugest Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd.

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