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        • Product Name: XFZH-300L Gantry
        • Model: 137
        • On time: 2014-01-09
        • Views : 41

        Mixing / dispersion mixing principle:

          Dual paddles mounted on the high-speed disperser and a plurality of serrated shaft for rotation both dispersion disc, but also for the revolution; combined paddle down low clearance design, no dead ends, low intense kneading paddle sports and interference and / or so circular motion, as well as high-speed shearing action to break up the scattered disk, ensure that the material is not sufficiently dispersed and mixed deposition.


        Basic parameters:


        1. the above is for reference only, specific parameters in order to provide detailed information HUGEST actual prevail; better or if you have special requirements, we will be individually designed for you individually and separately provide relevant information.
        2. the user with the option of hydraulic discharge machine and / or automatic filling and sealing machine for matching.

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