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          • There is a red, called "China Red".
            There is a kind of pride, called "Five-Star Red Flag"
            There is a declaration that I love you China.

          • In a short period of three days, many famous enterprises in various industries have set up high-level exchanges and trade platforms to show new achievements, new ideas, new trends and new leaps and bounds.Overseas audiences have reached new heights and the exhibition of adhesives has become more international!

          • Ontheoccasionofthecomingfestival,mycolleaguesandIextendoursincerethankstoyouwhohavealwayssupportedourgrowthandprogress.Iwishyougoodhealth,happiness,happinessandgoodluck.

          • With the rapid development of enterprises, with the support and help of the municipal government and leaders at all levels, we are confident that we will grow to be the leader of intelligent automation manufacturers in the fields of new energy (lithium batteries), high-end fine chemicals (sealants, special coatings, inks, etc.), and contribute to the realization of the 2025 strategic goal of manufacturing in China.

          • Factory probation is one of the most important practical teaching links in the stage of university learning and an important way to combine theory with practice. Through in-depth grassroots learning, deepen understanding and consolidate the professional knowledge learned, and further improve the ability to understand, analyze and solve problems.

          • The heroic spirit is the common historical memory and spiritual core of the Chinese nation. Chairman Xi pointed out that "all the way forward, we must not forget the road we have traveled, go any farther, go to a glorious future, and also remember the past we have traveled." Countless heroic martyrs and revolutionary pioneers have made tremendous sacrifices for national rejuvenation, and they have set up spiritual coordinates for us.

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