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        Solar became the "five" emission reduction the main force

        Date:2012年3月13日 14:26


            Since 2011 opened since the beginning of national life facing a " shortage" , "out" , "money shortage" , while the enterprise in addition, is also facing "labor shortage" , "Cost shortage" and so on a series of " in turmoil . " Coupled with the first half of the pre- and post- drought floods and other natural disasters , the national mood was tense, serious damage to the national economy , solar companies still . Therefore, the protection of the environment has become universal responsibility , energy conservation seems to have become the responsibility of enterprises.

            The main force of energy saving

            "Twelve Five" period is of the transformation of economic development mode , accelerate the strategic adjustment of the economic structure of the critical period . Energy conservation is still the main way to adjust the structure , expanding domestic demand and promoting development in the mitigation of global environmental degradation , optimize the sustainable development important. Therefore , as a representative of clean solar energy , the use of energy-saving and emission reduction are highlighted . The development of modern industrial system, to encourage the development of the tertiary industry and strategic emerging industries, building energy transformation has to be reasonable construction, vigorously develop green buildings , smart buildings , the use of high technology to transform traditional industries. Promote energy production and use patterns change, to build a safe, stable , economical and clean modern energy industry system , many details will make more energy saving solar industry has become the main force .

            Engineering fastest growing market

            It is understood that in 2011 the solar thermal industry market, the fastest growing engineering market , an increase of 53 %, with growth rates of individual companies and even reached 100 %. And the expected project solar thermal market has become one of the hottest markets in the market , under the new international energy boost , the market will be more rapid development of the project , the development of solar thermal utilization industry to become a piece of blue. This phenomenon indicates that more and more companies began to pay attention and participate in energy conservation ranks .

            Green consumption respected career

            Green solar energy -saving utility companies and the majority of cities are still stretches constantly root. Recently, Hangzhou , Beijing , Shenzhen, Chongqing , Changsha , Guiyang , Jilin and Xinyu and other eight cities in energy conservation demonstration comprehensive demonstration of fiscal policy , and to develop " a comprehensive energy conservation demonstration of fiscal policy guidance ."

            Solar companies will use solar thermal industry , solar cooling and heating, solar desalination , solar thermal , solar photovoltaic power generation and other energy saving industry steadily, and strive to provide green social production , new solar energy for sustainable development . Meanwhile, in order to consolidate their own position , solar companies continue to technological innovation, management innovation, play a fully integrated industry chain and technology advantages , stepped up in the engineering market and overseas market layout. Will promote solar energy industry bottomed out , a steady track toward the development of healthy, mature , and eventually be able to compete with the world's most advanced anti- technology competition , help each other and seek common development .

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