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        NDRC will Mixer five aspects to promote circular economy development

        Date:2012年3月13日 09:52


            Deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission , Central -funded benefits on Circular Economy Development Forum said: "Eleventh Five- Year" Plan clearly stated: to reduce the Eleventh Five per unit of GDP energy consumption by about 20% during the period to reduce emissions of major pollutants 10% binding target , which is to implement the scientific concept of development, building a socialist harmonious society, a major initiative is to build a resource -saving and environment-friendly society inevitable requirement , but also the only way to change the economic growth mode .
            Since last year, under the CPC Central Committee attaches great importance to the State Council, government departments at all levels and areas of the energy- saving and pollution reduction in a more prominent position. Efforts to significantly increase the yuan GDP energy consumption decreased, emissions of major pollutants has slowed down . However , there is no beginning to realize identified yuan GDP energy consumption reduced by 4% and emissions of major pollutants by 2 % target. The first quarter of this year the country's electricity , steel building materials, chemical high energy consumption, high emission industries to further accelerate growth , making the task more difficult this year, energy conservation , in order to further increase energy conservation efforts to ensure energy conservation Eleventh Five goals, the State Council set up a leading group for energy saving , headed by Premier Wen Jiabao , has recently held a teleconference energy conservation , a national mobilization and deployment of the State Council also recently released a comprehensive energy reduction the program of work is to adopt comprehensive measures , the use of economic, legal and necessary administrative means to mobilize all social forces , and promote energy saving and pollution reduction .

            The key is to achieve emission reduction targets to reverse the high input , high consumption, high emission mode of economic growth , the fundamental approach is to vigorously develop the circular economy , circular economy is a new concept and pattern of growth , economic development and conservation he resources and protect the environment together, opened the comprehensive utilization of resources , new ways to use repeatedly . Making the best use , turning waste into treasure, increased efficiency of resource use , environmental pollution is reduced. Circular economy is the innovation and development of resource conservation and environmental protection , sustainable economic and social development , an important way of harmony between man and nature
            In recent years, the CPC Central Committee of the State Council on the deployment of energy conservation work in the development of circular economy put forward specific demands , all localities and departments to earnestly implement the central decision-making , and promote the development of recycling economy in many ways to take action. China's circular economy development has made positive progress . Next match in order to promote energy conservation , and promote the recycling economy results soon , the National Development and Reform Commission will further intensify its efforts with relevant departments to promote the development of circular economy results soon .
            First, we must continue to deepen the circular economy pilot , should conscientiously sum up the first batch of circular economy pilot experience , timely start of the second batch of pilot , bond funds to be applied to support a number of recycling economy construction of key projects , to further promote Qingdao , Zhejiang and other places waste home appliances recycling pilot project to promote the automotive parts and remanufactured parts and other fields , and promote the city's focus on mining and mineral resource conservation and recycling. Organize the preparation of key industries recycling economy promotion plan to accelerate the development and evaluation system release cycle economy.
            Second, efforts to promote comprehensive utilization of resources , and implement the "Eleventh Five-Year" guidance on comprehensive utilization of resources , and promote the comprehensive development of resource utilization , grasp coal angry , coal gangue comprehensive utilization of industrial waste and other bulk agricultural waste such as straw , and actively promote gangue comprehensive utilization of power plant construction , and promote new products utilizing waste materials and building materials industry demonstration , release management of special funds awarded .
            The third is to actively promote the use of specialized trash and garbage recycling of resources , and comprehensively promote the city garbage separation and recycling policies , adequate resources garbage in recycling and encourage municipal solid waste incineration power generation and heating, speed up construction projects landfill gas power generation , propulsion scrap metal , rubber, paper use , accelerate exploration and extended producer responsibility system .
            Fourth, the full implementation of cleaner production, develop and publish key industry standards and clean production evaluation system , promote the transformation of cleaner production , strengthen the integration of the implementation of cleaner production , rational use of pesticides and fertilizers , reducing rural pollution.
        Fifth, efforts to strengthen the innovation capacity of circular economy , vigorously adhere to the business-oriented organization of scientific research, and strive in waste recycling , resource utilization, re-manufacturing and other aspects of green recycling economy development of key technology breakthrough. In the National Key Basic Research Program , National Science and Technology Support Program and other special technology projects organized and implemented a number of circular economy in key research projects , major scientific and technological projects of special equipment industry , accelerate the establishment of a recycling economy technology system , the development of specialized technology , consulting and management services.
            In recent years, the practice of recycling economy development, we deeply appreciate to develop recycling economy , technological innovation is the key , so the theme of this forum is to change the way science and technology to promote economic growth , and we hope that through this meeting will further unify their thinking , build consensus, strengthen the exchange of scientific and technological innovations and promote the implementation of the CPC Central Committee , State Council circular economy development policies, to ensure the realization of energy-saving emission reduction targets and promote sustainable economic and social development and a harmonious socialist society construction .

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