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        High-speed mixer system control and energy saving analysis

        Date:2012年3月13日 09:39

        Compressor main motor operation mode for the star - the starting horn buck running full pressure , gas supply system specific workflow : When you press the start button , the control system turns off the starter coil and open the valve , air compressor under unload mode start when the intake valve is in the closed position, and the pressure release valve opens to discharge oil separator inside . Other antihypertensive n seconds ( the time relay control ) after the compressor starts loading operation, the system pressure begins to rise. If the system pressure rises to a pressure limit switch , the pressure take-off , the controller of the intake valve is closed, the discharge air oil separator , the compressor load operation until the system pressure drops to the lower limit of the pressure switch , i.e. bounce under pressure , the controller of the intake valve opens, oil separator discharge valve closed , open the compressor , oil separator discharge valve is closed, the compressor full load operation .
            Compressor System Energy Analysis
            In the gas pipeline system , the basic object is to control the flow , the basic task of gas supply system is to meet user demand for traffic. Currently , a common gas flow control , adding two ways to uninstall supply control and speed control.
            Loading and unloading gas control loading and unloading gas control switch to control the intake valve is the way that the pressure reaches the upper limit off valves , compressors into the light load operation ; under the pressure of arriving limit open valves, compressors into full load operation .
            Since the compressor can not exclude the possibility of running at full load condition for a long time , so only need to decide according to the maximum capacity of the motor , the design margin is generally too large. Impact frequency starting equipment when a large motor bearing wear large, so large equipment maintenance . Although there are step-down start, but the current starting time is still large , it will affect the safe and stable operation of the power grid and other electrical equipment , and most are run continuously, due to the general air compressor drive motor itself can not speed Therefore it can not be used directly to changes in pressure or flow deceleration adjust the output power to achieve matching motor does not allow frequent start , leading to load the motor still running on gas consumption less time, a huge waste of energy .
            Unloading and loading often cause the entire gas network pressure is constantly changing , you can not maintain a constant working pressure to extend the life of the compressor . Some of the air compressor adjustment method ( such as regulating valve or regulator unloading , etc. ) need to flow even in the small, due to the constant motor speed , motor power decline is relatively small.

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