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        How to optimize the design of the mixer

        Date:2012年3月13日 09:37


            Mixer is an important line of beverage packaging equipment , is directly determine the quality of the finished beverage ingredients key technology and equipment . For a wide variety of beverage consumption and production of fast fashion features , "mixed than precise adjustment convenient, efficient and low consumption , reliable operation ," the technical positioning, product development is the goal of the mixer equipment .
            If the mixer as a closed system , temporarily ignore secondary factors related to the system input-output relationship focus first systematic study , through the analysis of the basic input-output system modulus . He Xiaowu pointed out , it is essential for water treatment . Because the drink mixer with water is a major component of the finished beverage , need to follow the requirements of the beverage ingredients mix proportions , by accurate measurement , added to the concentrated slurry mixing process is completed . On the mixer 's water supply, requirements through membrane filtration and ozone or ultraviolet disinfection to ensure that water quality colorless, odorless sterile . Its degassing is done on the mixer . This degassing mainly of water subsequent to the completion of carbonation .
            Theoretically , the process through different combinations , you can get many different designs mixer . But in fact, carbonated beverage mixer design principles are basically two types , one type of flow control , one volume control type . For the purposes of measuring the state , there are static and dynamic measurement of quantities measured mixer mixer . He said the deputy director , we only propose three principles of design mixer comparative evaluation :
            Program Ⅰ: Flow control type mixer . Its clean water and purees are using centrifugal pumping ( also used to send water pumps, piston pumps with thick paste sent ) . Heavy current technology, the introduction of DBC type mixer and beer diluted machine that belongs to this type , and its complex structure, proportional control valve is a key component .
            Program Ⅱ: volume control type mixer . After its water through centrifugal vacuum degassing tank to the middle . Its water metering and measurement of plasma concentrations , respectively, were each using a plunger metering pumps, plunger metering pumps here at the same time conveying the material , according to the mixing ratio of the quantitative requirements of the material , its measurement process by adjusting the piston stroke and the role of frequency to achieve precise adjustment purpose traffic. Introduction and similar existing technology to produce YL3B mixer type mixer that is. Current domestic production of this type mixer, which plunger metering pumps need to import supporting expensive. Because they belong to a dynamic measurement, long-term high-intensity production run , it is inevitable wear and tear , so its cost and operating costs are high

            Program Ⅲ: Static bulk metering mixer . The most important feature of these mixers is that the use of the container liquid level sensors, continuous detection of input thick paste and water level , and the level of the signal sent to a computer equipped with a mathematical model , the program by default the whole process of continuous mixing process control , system-wide basically no moving parts , no wear , mixed than relying on the accuracy of the level sensor for accurate measurement of the level of mixed materials , quantitative mixed batch is completed , although the mixing process cyclical work, but the output of the system ( such as the conveyor to the filling machine ) is still continuous and uniform.
            According mixer requirements " mixed precision , high-speed convenient, efficient and low consumption , reliable operation " technology to locate , measure static batch mixer is clearly superior to other types of design principles. Nanjing Light Factory in the digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology , based on the introduction of a new type of mixer with independent intellectual property rights , in order to meet the development needs of China's beverage industry .


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