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        National "five" period will focus on promoting industrial restructuring and upgrading of low-carbon development

        Date:2012年3月20日 14:48

        Recently, the speech Su Bo , vice minister of the Ministry of Industry held in Guangzhou "First China International Green Innovative Products & Technologies Show " that the "Eleventh Five-Year" , in accordance with the unified arrangements of the State Council, China's industrial system conscientiously implement the scientific concept of development, and actively promote energy conservation , and achieved remarkable results. Above-scale industrial added value of energy consumption from 2.59 tons of standard coal in 2005 dropped to 1.92 tons of standard coal in 2010 , an average annual decline of 5.85% , a cumulative decline of 26% , to achieve energy savings 630 million tons of standard coal, with an average annual 8.1 % of energy consumption , boosting the average annual industrial growth of 14.9% , in order to ensure the completion of the national " five" emission reduction targets and tasks , promoting industrial development has made important contributions to science .
        "Twelve Five " is a critical period for China to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading. Led by the Ministry of Information Industry and the preparation of the "industrial upgrading and transformation plan" proposed " second five" energy consumption per unit of industrial added value , carbon dioxide emissions , water consumption decreased by about 20% , 20 % and 30% , industrial chemicals required oxygen , sulfur dioxide emissions fell by 10% , ammonia , nitrogen oxide emissions decreased by 15%. Industrial development must adhere to green new path of industrialization with Chinese characteristics , in accordance with the requirements of building a resource -saving and environment -friendly society , to develop eco- design , production process clean , efficient use of resources , environmental impact minimization goals, adhere to conservation , clean, low-carbon , security and development , and improve the incentive and restraint mechanisms , to enhance capacity for sustainable industrial development. Focus on four areas :
        First, accelerate the construction of resource-saving and environment-friendly industrial system. In accordance with the elimination of backward production capacity, upgrading of traditional industries, accelerate the development of strategic emerging industries ideas, make full use of the existing industrial base , adhere to actively and effectively adjust and optimize inventory and incremental development combined response to the current development and nurturing of future industrial competitiveness relative combined , accelerate the construction of industrial structure optimization , a complete industrial chain , high technology content , low resource consumption , less pollution , sustainable development of the industrial system , from relying mainly on expansion , excessive consumption of energy resources to the development of extensive focus on efficiency , focusing on the development sustainable development of the quality and efficiency of transformation . For energy saving, environmental protection and other weak links, continue to increase business transformation efforts . Carry out "two " companies and industrial parks pilot work in the steel , chemicals, nonferrous metals, building materials and other key industry organizations, to explore the key industries of resource-saving and environment-friendly development.
        Second, actively promote the adjustment of industrial structure optimization. Heavy industry to further improve the access threshold in terms of energy consumption , environmental protection and comprehensive utilization of resources , strict implementation of industrial investment projects in energy assessment and review system , strengthen the management of industries with excess capacity building projects ; strict control of iron and steel , cement, plate glass , etc. overcapacity in the industry to add capacity to curb blind development of traditional coal chemical high energy consumption, high pollution industry . And to establish sound exit mechanism for the elimination of backward production capacity , take a series of comprehensive measures of economic, legal , technical and necessary administrative , etc., to accelerate the elimination of backward production capacity. Actively carry out cross-regional mergers and acquisitions , expedite the replacement of outdated production capacity with advanced production capabilities, adjust and optimize the product structure and industrial structure. Actively cultivating a number of technologically advanced, high level of resource utilization , and strong product competitiveness demonstration enterprises, promote the development of green industries .
        Third, efforts to promote the formation of conservation , cleaning , recycling , low-carbon production. More attention from the investment of resources and use of product design and development , manufacturing, back-end management and other aspects of the whole process, all the establishment of conservation , cleaning , recycling , low-carbon new production. To energy saving, clean production, recycling economy, low-carbon technologies as the core, to promote the transformation of production methods . Encourage enterprises to save energy, water , conservation of raw materials , energy resources and improve enterprise management system, strengthen the major sectors of the standard management of energy consumption per unit of product . Promote the development of eco-design , cleaner production and focus on major technology demonstration cleaner production audit . Promote recycling and electromechanical products remanufacturing industry , strengthen the comprehensive utilization of waste , the construction of the whole society resource recycling system. Actively develop low-carbon technologies and low-carbon industries, accelerate the research and development of low-carbon technologies , grasp the traditional industries and promote the use of low-carbon technology demonstration .
        Fourth, strive to foster strategic emerging industries. Actively track the latest achievements of world science and technology innovation , adjust and optimize industrial raw materials , equipment manufacturing and stronger , transform and elevate the consumer goods industry , enhance the core competitiveness of the information industry . From the core focus on technological breakthroughs to improve the industrial chain , business model innovation, market development , and many other efforts , and vigorously develop energy-saving and environmental protection, new generation of information technology, new materials , high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy vehicles and other strategic emerging industries . Earnestly binding emission reduction targets translate into demand for energy-saving low-carbon industries pulling power , and comprehensively promote energy saving low-carbon technologies , equipment , products, services development, promote low-carbon energy-saving environmental protection industry development .

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