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        2012 environmental protection industry as a whole to maintain growth momentum

        Date:2012年3月13日 14:33

        Recently , the Ministry issued the " 2011 environmental protection equipment industry economic situation analysis and 2012 outlook ." MIIT expects affected the macro level of national policy, in 2012 the industry as a whole will remain above 20% growth ; funds to support the state and society also have greater growth than in 2011 .
        According to the Ministry of the 779 above-scale enterprises in environmental protection equipment manufacturing statistics , in 2011 the completion of environmental protection equipment industry 130.5 billion yuan of industrial output value , up 32% ; industrial sales value of 126.9 billion yuan , an increase of 31 %, sales 97% . Same period, the main business income margin 7.53% , an increase of 0.3 percentage points. 68 loss-making enterprises , the loss 8.72% .
            Ministry of that analysis, the strong economic growth of environmental protection equipment industry is simultaneously accompanied by continued growth in operating costs , high input, low output pattern has not changed , although the growth in profitability , but the overall level is still low. Some of the key enterprises in addition to the core components of its own production, Waixiejiagong proportion is increasing. But the Association of SMEs raw material prices, a shortage of liquidity problems brought about rising labor costs , resulting in some of the production capacity and product quality is affected.
            Ministry of environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry expects export growth momentum will slow down somewhat , but the situation does not appear ups and downs .
            MIIT said that this year the water pollution control , denitrification equipment, waste disposal equipment, sludge disposal equipment and other segments have more room for growth ; PM2.5 and environmental constraints indicators by mentioning the subject of the impact of air pollution in the field of environmental monitoring instrumentation the rapid growth. Favorable policies affected countries , in response to "put standard" , companies new technologies and products will significantly emerge, new product growth in the contribution rate is worth the wait.
            Ministry pointed out that , as the " National Environmental Protection " five "plan " and a number of new environmental emissions standards introduced this year by " mentioned standard " effects of environmental pollution equipment imports will increase ; including complete sets of equipment import growth rate will not be too much ; single , environmentally friendly materials pharmaceutical , high-tech key components have greater growth.
            In addition , the Environmental Protection Department and the provinces and parts of central enterprises emission reduction targets signed letters of responsibility for emission reduction projects involving a total of 5561 projects , the Ministry that these projects are expected to bring investment opportunities released in 2013 , while the participation of the various items of equipment provided , construction and operation of the company , or will be the first to benefit.


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