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        Ocean thermal energy conversion: the temperature difference to generate renewable energy

        Date:2012年3月20日 15:15

            Ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) is the principle of renewable energy production by the temperature difference between the ocean surface and underwater . And ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) permit office was established in 1981 , part of the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA, its role in the field of marine equivalent of NASA in space play a role ) . 1970s, rising oil prices sparked OTEC proposed , and it is time for the people of this era are interested in the development of alternative energy . However, as oil prices fall, people have gradually lost interest in the development of alternative energy sources , and then gradually took office OTEC end, finally in 1994, ending a 13-year operation , during which it had never issued a separate OTEC license file.

            Now comes amid high oil prices , alternative energy to return to people's attention. All manufacturing solutions have been considered , while OTEC is one of them. Fortunately OTEC principle quite simple. First, the low boiling point liquids such as ammonia in surface waters around the 25 ° C heat in the heat exchanger is vaporized . Final swirl gas produced under adequate pressure and thus generate electricity. Then the gas will be about 1 km depth , water temperature of about 5 ° C in seawater cooling . Then the gas is heated again , the entire process over the cycle . Theoretically speaking , OTEC plants can be built anywhere as long as that place near the sea surface water temperature can reach 25 ° C or more, and the depth can be more than one kilometers.

            Keen to develop OTEC technology company with an American Lockhead Lockhead small business Mackay Ocean Energy Company (Makai Ocean Engineering) cooperation in Hawaii built a 10 -megawatt pilot plant , the pilot plant is expected to be operational by 2015 . If everything goes smoothly , the next one will be built 100 -megawatt power station in 2020 .

            Most of the technology needed parts can be obtained from other engineering fields , such as deep-sea oil ? Machine . Construction of 10 -megawatt plant required heat exchanger and pipeline facilities already in place, but if you want to build 100 -megawatt plant , the use of the pipeline to reach not only the length of one kilometer and to reach 10 meters in diameter , and this pipeline must also be thick enough to resist waves and ocean climates. It became at NOAA, is currently responsible for OTEC project Kerry Kehoe estimates, such devices need to spend $ 1 billion .


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