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        Large mixer equipment required breakthroughs

        Date:2012年3月13日 09:55

        "From the current development status of China's mixer machinery and equipment , the basic air pollution control , urban sewage and industrial waste water treatment, solid waste disposal and other aspects of technology has developed to a certain level, but with the current development phase of the industry is currently abroad ratio, the level of our equipment is still beyond the reach of a large mixer . "
            Vice President of China Machinery Industry Association mixer Guo Baolin said recently that the development of mixer machinery industry will drive the development of related industries , the industry will benefit a lot , such as general machinery , instrumentation, chemical machinery , information industry, biochemistry other industries. He said that the major technologies and equipment mixer biggest bottleneck , or institutional backwardness and lack of innovation .
            Industry experts agree that , in support of national policy , there is a big space for development of China's machinery industry mixers , mixer machinery industry should seize this historic opportunity , good digestion , absorption and re- innovation based on and accelerate large-scale critical the pace of domestic equipment .
        Sunrise industry prospects immeasurable
            As a sunrise industry , the development of space mixer machinery industry will be enormous . The State Council issued the "Decision on the implementation of scientific concept of development to strengthen environmental protection ."
            The "decision" to guide economic , social and environmental development of a programmatic document for the grand blueprint for the next five to 15 years of the development of the mixer were the overall planning and deployment. Among them, in order to focus on drinking water safety and watershed management , focusing on strengthening pollution prevention ; to strengthen the focus on pollution prevention , strengthening urban environmental protection ; to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions , focusing on promoting air pollution control is the main task.
            Guo Baolin believe that the "decision" on a higher mechanical mixer requirement that focus on the development of proprietary technology and equipment and the important basic equipment mixer , mixer equipment manufacturing industry to improve innovation capacity, promote significant Mixer technical equipment manufacturing. This is the future of a wind vane mixer machinery manufacturing industry.
            " In terms of air pollution control , people are most concerned about the issue of desulfurization of thermal power plants is still not ideal, 300,000 kilowatts or more large units desulfurization unit and is still dependent on foreign key to the device is not proprietary ...... these have become restricting our mixer machinery and equipment localization chronic problem , so the level of development of China 's machinery industry mixer behind than in developed countries 10 to 15 years . " Guo Baolin said.
            Guo Baolin said , the gap between the manufacturer is not on a stand-alone , but that process equipment and concepts. Such as sewage treatment , in a foreign country which is an integrated concept , sewage is also considered a resource, and integrate technology in China is very backward.
            Select key support competitive enterprises
            Analysis of the industry , according to the national need to install FGD capacity of 26.7 million kilowatts calculations, if all designed and manufactured using foreign technology , the need to invest 26.7 billion - 32.04 billion yuan ; If all using domestic equipment , only 17.836 billion yuan investment . This not only saves money for the state , but also for domestic enterprises profitable thing, why not ?
            According to reports, in order to finance and innovation as the driving force has become a major common features developed mixer industry. The development of China's industry is still stuck in the mixer on the east , a hammer , a stick of West disorder .
            For this reason , experts recommend , to accelerate industrial upgrading mixer , we should actively promote the establishment and improvement of enterprises as the mainstay of technological innovation system , strengthen the digestion and absorption of integration based on the ability to innovate , increase development efforts and capital investment strong support various forms of ownership and development of SME organizations to actively promote combination .
            Meanwhile, in the process of transformation into practical productive forces to promote scientific and technological achievements , we should choose the mixer equipment industry has certain advantages in the field of research and influence , concentrate , focus on breakthroughs. 

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