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        Air heaters can lead the fashion needs of low-carbon energy

        Date:2012年3月13日 14:28


            Recently, the Chinese air Industry Forum released data show that the next five years , China's air heat pump water heater production and sales expected to exceed 30 billion yuan , becoming the city 's energy-efficient water heater market mainstream products , the market prospect is very broad. According to Data Pump Industry Research Center, China Industry Alliance showed sales of air heat pump water heater from less than 30 million in 2003 to about 3.09 billion yuan in 2010 ; number of enterprises from 54 August 2005 to currently estimated at over 500 .

            Market began to robust growth

            Relevant industry expert analysis, in the next few years, the actual demand for urban households around the water heater 35 million units , the lowest annual average demand remained at about 10 million units. Analysts believe that if the use of electric water heaters, according to the average of a three- kilowatt basis, will require 30 million kilowatts of electricity , the use of air heater requires only 7.5 million kilowatts , saving electricity is greater than the capacity of one of the Three Gorges power plant (1820 MW) . At this stage, every summer peak , emergency power shortage everywhere , revealed the energy crisis will become more intense , but also presents the air heat pump water heaters as energy-saving products have a broader development needs and development.

            "Because technology is the source of a large part of the air conditioning industry , from concept to product appearance , looks like air conditioning and a large tank . , When products just listed by businesses big question ." China Pump Industry Alliance Secretary-General of room Qing said that people's concerns are mainly three aspects: First, can the production of hot water , really easy to use ; Second, too much expensive than air conditioning and electric water heaters , the market can not accept ; third is called heat pump water heater , the name does not say a mouthful , also easily misunderstood as a kind of industrial pumps . But as early pioneering manufacturers to promote minority consumers slowly began to accept , and in many cities began to form consumer boom . Experts point out that , from the point of view of energy sources , air to water machine is a way to use solar energy , in line with the trend of the international and domestic energy saving, low-carbon green growth.

            Experts called for the inclusion of renewable energy range

            For the status of development of the industry , many experts believe that the product has been tested by the market , should be vigorously support the national government level .

            National Development and Reform Commission said Li Junfeng , deputy director of the energy , the national authorities will soon propose to the air source heat pump, air source heat pump hot water , especially early into renewable energy technologies range . According to industry experts Mao Rubai said that China's " Renewable Energy issued the" General Provisions Article II , renewable energy is the wind, solar, hydro, biomass , geothermal, ocean energy and other non-fossil energy sources, there is a "etc." is to avoid the emergence of new and renewable energy products are excluded from the scope of the renewable energy outside air is as it should enjoy the support of relevant state policies .
            Integration of solar energy is becoming increasingly apparent trend , however , air heat pump promotion actually not smooth. Anonymity solar business owners say they are taking cautious approach into the air to OEM , after all, air content and production technology and solar are very different, there is no development, and manufacturing advantages of solar energy companies ; while the market is blending , the dealers have in their own stores selling air , has brought a lot to the factory channel management problems ; from the moment the air and solar energy sales compared to differ greatly promote solar energy solar energy companies hundreds of times , but the promotion on air and also at a disadvantage compared to home appliances brand , which brings a dilemma for solar manufacturers .

            The new energy industry observers point out that the initial aid air heat pump solar channels to quickly promote solar hot water projects also often appears as a complementary product . The same energy-saving products , many complementarities between the two can exist technically , the use of the solar energy business and corporate capital interoperability of air injection , the trend is increasingly apparent harmony , but on the other hand , the technical differences, inroads into the appliance manufacturers , alternative use of functional exist objectively , the two competing development becomes a major issue , worthy of industry attention .

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