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        Drive first to establish a "five" emission reduction

        Date:2012年3月13日 10:28


            Recently, the long-awaited " " five- saving environmental protection industry development plan "forthcoming , according to the authorities say, the planning will be the development of China 's energy-saving environmental protection industry to support many aspects of policies and taxes, which will undoubtedly give many enterprises huge imagination. inverter as the power supply by changing the frequency and amplitude of the motor to control the AC motor electric drive components for energy conservation has its unique role in such a premise is undoubtedly the first to benefit .

            In 1967, the world's first successful drive to develop and put into commercial operation . After forty years of development, the AC motor speed regulation becomes save energy , improve production processes, improve product quality, as well as a primary means to improve the operating environment . Inverter with high efficiency, high power factor , and excellent speed control and braking performance while Kai widely favored by the users in many fields plays an important role in the following three points :

            First, the soft-start function . Motor hard to start , direct start-up current is often 3-5 times its rated current , a sudden increase in the current design and production not only increases the difficulty of the motor, and the capacity of the grid system , transmission and distribution facilities severe impact on the flapper valve damage to other equipment is also great . Is to change the role of the AC motor drive frequency and amplitude of the power supply to change the cycle of the traveling magnetic field , to the purpose of smooth control of the motor speed . This makes the motor starting current from scratch, gradually increase does not exceed the maximum rated current , reducing the impact on power and the power supply capacity requirements , extending the life of the equipment .

            The second is to optimize the motor running . In fans, central air conditioning and other systems , the traditional way is to use water towers, water tanks , pressure tanks and other facilities to achieve. Outlet pressure is often affected by the size of the tank height, storage capacity and other factors , often change, constant pressure is not easy to realize . In addition , fans , pumps and other equipment traditional method is by adjusting the speed of the shutter entrance , the valve opening to adjust to the amount of wind and water supply . When the input power is too large , a large amount of energy consumed in the process of closure of the shutter , the valve , resulting in waste. It's like people do not have an accurate accounting of the premise of the project far exceeded the amount of the demand put on the waste shipped bricks tall buildings , building strength and working hours . Today , engineers combination drive , PID controller , microcontroller , PLC , etc., to form a control system, you can adjust the pump output flow and reduce inefficiencies . People just set the pump station mains water pressure setpoint and actual value feedback comparing the difference after the operation processing , the system will send control commands to control the pump motor and speed number of units put into operation , so as to achieve water mains target pressure constant . Compared with the control pressure regulating valve , the system reduces the pipe resistance , greatly reducing the effectiveness of the closure of loss , and does not require frequent manual operations , reduce labor intensity . Central air conditioning , fans and other systems , the drive also has good performance. Central air conditioning is needed in accordance with the maximum cooling ( heat) plus 10 to 20% to design , power consumption, energy-saving potential is also large. With the drive to central air conditioning and refrigeration compressors, refrigeration pumps, cooling pumps, cooling tower fans, return air energy-saving devices for speed control , you can avoid too much traffic and too much pressure to ensure proper and efficient operation of the system , you can section 20% ~ 50% power . Again , in the " Yangtze first tunnel - Shanghai Yangtze River Tunnel construction process, builders need to ensure that about 8.9 km , the inner diameter of 13.7 meters of tunnel -ventilated To this end , the project uses a West German inverter . according to the air volume directly with a given motor speed , precise regulation of the air volume to optimize the use of electrical facilities , saving up to 20 % -45 %.

            Third, the system has a protective function. After detecting an abnormal state system , the inverter can automatically correct action or blockade of power semiconductor devices PWM control signal to the motor automatically stop , such as over-current stall prevention, over-current cut semiconductor cooling fan overheating and momentary power failure protection.

            To sum up , the drive has a huge field of energy conservation in a unique advantage , Chinese companies should drive network that drive through the "five wind energy conservation , energy efficiency and establish better idea would be the product of energy performance to a higher level , which is beneficial for the future development of the identity of the inverter business.

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