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        Efficient industrial boiler economizer technology potential of 100 million tons / year

        Date:2012年3月13日 10:30


            February 18 , in the " energy efficient pulverized coal boiler technology and industrial applications Seminar" sponsored by the China Energy Conservation Association , deputy director of the Ministry of Energy Saving Secretary Yang Tiesheng said that if the thermal efficiency of coal-fired industrial boilers by 15% on average , festival potential to reach 100 million tons of coal / year . Yang Tiesheng , at present , the level of operational management level, the degree of automation of coal-fired industrial boiler equipment is far below the level of developed countries , the status of its low efficiency and high pollution must be changed .

            National Development and Reform Commission , said Han Wenke , director of the Energy Research Institute , in 2008 , China's industrial boiler soot emissions of 3.75 million tons , 5.19 million tons of sulfur dioxide , total national emissions of 41.6 % and 22.2 %, respectively ; emissions of 187 million tonnes nitrogen oxides, nitrogen oxides is the third largest source of pollution . Inefficient industrial boilers , mostly in the actual operation of the thermal efficiency of 60% -65 % lower than the international advanced level of 15% -20 %. The overall thermal efficiency of industrial boilers from 65% to 80% , the annual savings of more than 1-1.3 million tons of coal .

            China Energy Conservation Association , vice chairman and secretary general , vice president of Chinese scientific measurement of room -hing said , Shanxi Blue Sky environmental equipment company developed a new and efficient progress of China's industrial boiler pulverized coal boiler technology . The efficient industrial boiler pulverized coal products have been included in the 2010 National Development and Reform Commission Energy Technology Extension catalog , has been applied to industrial steam supply in Shanxi, Xinjiang, Ningxia and other places, central heating and other aspects of urban buildings .

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