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        Policies to support clean energy equipment tendency

        Date:2012年3月20日 14:44

        Recently, the Ministry of Industry , Science and Technology , Ministry of Finance and the State Council, the SASAC jointly issued the " Guiding Catalogue of independent innovation of major technical equipment " 2012 version ( hereinafter referred to as "directory " ) . "Directory" contains a total of 19 major technologies and equipment in the field , 260 equipment items , of which 19 related to the field of major technical equipment and energy accounted for 10 . Whether it is efficient power generation equipment, large petroleum and petrochemical equipment , or large-scale coal chemical equipment , photovoltaic manufacturing equipment , reflects the support for clean energy equipment. Development of green energy equipment is the general trend .

            Appeared in the " catalog" products and equipment are national key construction projects and technical transformation of enterprises are in urgent need of current , as well as security is closely related to national development strategies of major technical equipment , most of these products have a certain technical basis , the industry has achieved in the short term of conditions.

            "Directory " reflects the key performance indicators, technical requirements and key technology breakthroughs needed . " " Catalog "release level will enhance independent innovation enterprises , the adjustment of product structure play an active role in guiding the same time, " directory " will use a variety of economic, administrative and regulatory tools for all levels of government and financial institutions to support the equipment manufacturing reference development industry . " Beijing Jiahua consulting company industry researcher Wang Xiaolin told reporters.

            Equipment manufacturing innovation to advance as quickly as possible , "directory " in support of product development, accelerate the implementation of the government procurement system and application promotion and other aspects of the market made ​​a number of complementary policy measures.

            It is understood that , by convention, where the inclusion of the " catalog " of products that can be included in the government priority on technology and product development plans , priority given to industrial financing support , to encourage the use of the state's first (set ) policy ; product development success after having been the national independent innovation products , priorities included the "Government Procurement innovation products Catalog" and enjoy the support of government procurement policies .

             " Clean and efficient power generation equipment " on the field as a "directory " lists , including nuclear power, large-scale thermal power , hydropower units , wind turbines 4 sub- projects. Hydroelectric generating technology is mainly reflected in the million-kilowatt hydroelectric pumped storage units and large units in two parts. "Directory " shows the urgent need to improve the system rated power of 100 kilowatts or more million-kilowatt hydroelectric generating turbine and governor, excitation , such as generators and ancillary equipment integration design technology . Rated capacity of 300,000 KVA generator motor electromagnetic design technology and above generators and excitation , starting devices , power inverter startup device technology, is one of the key technologies of pumped storage units need a breakthrough .

            Whether restructuring importance for clean power generation , or smart grid, rural power grids and UHV transmission line construction in the emphasis on energy conservation and environmental protection, have revealed the future development of main power equipment is clean, green , energy saving. The traditional main transformers, capacitors , transformers and switching equipment, and wire and cable manufacturing equipment with special emphasis on their energy saving features of the smart grid upgrades . Restructuring of the electricity industry is mainly concentrated in and increase the proportion of clean energy in the total power generation capacity of power generation capacity , increase the proportion of clean and efficient generators of the total units to accelerate clean energy power generation as well as new technology .

            Among all the clean energy , wind power and photovoltaic power generation in recent years, the hottest , the rapid expansion of production capacity and the high cost of network problems and issues always restrict its large-scale promotion of the electricity market . Breakthroughs in key equipment and technology are important for the promotion of these two types of new energy power generation.

            "Directory " provides more than 2.5 MW onshore wind turbines and key components required to ensure that the rate of the power curve and wind were greater than the average annual utilization rate of 95% , the design life of more than 20 years , to meet the requirements of the national grid access system , breakthroughs in key technologies required to include the overall design technology and fan blade fan , bearings, control system development techniques ; 5 MW offshore wind turbine and above and key components , in addition to the above conditions , but also emphasizes the power quality in line with equivalent IEC 61400 - 21 standards, including the breakthroughs in key technologies required to install offshore wind power technology and special installation equipment , offshore wind turbines particularity technology.

            According to "directory " , photovoltaic wafer cutting equipment, large -capacity multi- crystalline ingot furnace , tons of monocrystalline silicon ingot furnace also need to break the whole system integration technology and multi- wire cutting equipment industrial production , manufacturing , technology and other key technologies , thermal field of control technology, directional solidification technology. In addition, coal-fired power plant flue gas NOX integrated control technology and equipment , industrial boilers and denitration technology and equipment , such as environmental protection equipment are "directory " Support within .

            Secretary, Ministry of Industry has said Zhang Xiang Mu equipment , intelligent equipment upgrading and transformation of traditional industries for strategic emerging industries development needs , priorities include smart instrumentation and control systems , key components and common components , intelligent dedicated equipment. It can achieve a variety of manufacturing process automation , intelligent, lean , green, drive to improve the overall technological level of the equipment manufacturing industry .

            As the industry has said, reflecting the importance of intelligent equipment in other high-end manufacturing to become the cornerstone of the rapid development of the field of energy and other sophisticated equipment to provide intelligent control systems, automated production lines, and high-tech production control equipment, high-end equipment manufacturing industry to promote the entire development. For the purposes of coal field , China has successfully developed a large-scale miner 2,500 kilowatts , can be completely independent design and production of complete sets 1400-2500 kW AC traction shearer , the localization rate of 80 %. Unfortunately , such as electronically controlled hydraulic support systems and other core components failed to fully achieve autonomy, mainly because of the intelligent manufacturing equipment behind.

            China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association and the Petroleum Equipment Zhao Zhiming , former vice president believes that the future will focus on fostering and development of intelligent drilling systems , intelligent logging system and intelligent completion systems in terms of oil equipment . In the petrochemical industry , the million-ton oil refining, megaton ethylene plant-wide centralized intelligent production control system (PCS), will also benefit from the development of intelligent automation .

            This time, one million kilowatts ultra supercritical thermal power units with automated control systems, large petroleum and petrochemical plant with automated control systems, large-scale coal chemical equipment for DSC distributed control systems appeared in the " Directory" , is expected to accelerate the improvement of China's energy equipment the core components of the host behind the development of the status quo .

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