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        NDRC: Energy resource price reform and choose the introduction

        Date:2012年3月20日 14:46

            Deputy Director of the National Development and Reform Commission Zhou Wang Jun Price told Xinhua News Agency reporters interview that energy resource price reform will be based on the economic performance in the year to choose the introduction . Including tariff reform steadily improve the refined oil pricing mechanism , organize and implement natural gas price reform , promote the comprehensive reform of agricultural water price , actively and steadily push forward the reform of environmental charges .

            Zhou Wang Jun said that this year the price of work to implement the central " maintaining stability " overall demand is to strengthen price control regulation , on the basis of efforts to stabilize the overall price level for economic and social development of the prominent contradictions prices , study and formulate sound price reform program , and according to the economic operation choose the introduction , the impact of price controls on various aspects of reform within the minimum.

            Energy resource price reform should consider the overall economic and social development and social capacity, steadily promote the reform of electricity to carry out bidding and direct trading pilot grid enterprises to strengthen cost constraints , and gradually establish a scientific and rational distribution price formation mechanism , the organization and the residents stepped well over the pricing scheme ; improve the oil pricing mechanism to shorten the price adjustment period , improve price adjustment mode of operation , improve the transparency mechanism run ; organizations implement gas price reform in Guangdong, Guangxi , appropriate to rationalize natural gas and alternative energy price relationships , encouraging local gas price policy to actively explore the ladder , the study of low-income groups to implement a relatively low price approach.

            This year will also promote agricultural water pricing reform and improve agricultural water pricing policy , public efforts to increase water tariff adjustment costs , simplify the tariff classification , the implementation of the price ladder residents and non-residents with water over-quota progressive increase water system . In addition , the country according to the needs and possibilities , and actively and steadily push forward the garbage , sewage and other aspects of environmental protection charge .

            Zhou Wang Jun said that the focus of the reform is to rationalize the price the price relationship between the market mechanism into full play the role of guiding the allocation of resources , and can not simply be equated with " price ." However, due to China's planned economy to promote economic development and protect the basic living , long-established pattern of "low price , low-income , low- consumption" of energy and other resource -based products pushes prices lower. Reform and opening up process, in order to rationalize the price relationship may appear to be "additive " more to do "subtraction" less.

            Countries in promoting price reform process, always pay attention to the positive and steadily push forward price reform , efforts to make price changes to adapt to the level of economic development , and social bearing capabilities . But we should also see China's reform and opening up 30 years , joined the World Trade Organization have 10 years , the degree of internationalization of China's economy has been high, especially dependence on foreign oil reached 57.5% , iron ore import dependency over 65% , more than 15% dependence on foreign natural gas , a number of other energy resources such cases exist . If these commodities domestic prices below the international market , it is difficult to guarantee the supply of the domestic market . Therefore, a higher dependence on foreign energy resources in the field of product , price adjustment should give more consideration to the international market factors , and can be self-sufficient for basic domestic energy resources products ( such as coal ) , price reform is more to consider domestic affordability and price relations with the relevant alternative products .


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