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        2012 China (International) Lithium New Energy Exhibition and Forum

        Date:2012年5月1日 15:18

        China New Energy Exhibition lithium (CNEF) and lithium New Energy Forum on 10-12 April 2012 in Shenzhen held a grand international exhibition center . Show the scale of over 90,000 square meters ; exhibitors over 2100 ; covering lithium batteries , power batteries, fuel cells , lithium battery materials , lithium production equipment , new energy vehicles , energy storage applications and other products, the development of a comprehensive showcase of the most cutting-edge lithium industry technology and the latest results. China also held over the same period (International ) Lithium Energy Forum, solicitation ministries leaders , academicians and experts , brought together representatives of lithium leader Pengcheng , bring " government, industry, academia and research," thought the collision , from prospective strategic heights lithium industry development trend analysis on the national five-year plan on new energy, new energy materials, new energy vehicles and energy-saving and environmental protection policies and measures ; discuss current international battery forefront of technological development , including the development of lithium-ion battery market prospects , power lithium the hottest topics and forward -ion batteries , lithium-ion battery energy storage technologies , lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles , hybrid vehicles design and safety assessment , expand the pinnacle of dialogue , clear future direction .



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