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        Break the international monopoly domestic high-speed mixing unit to enter the field of PTA

        Date:2012年3月13日 09:41

         PTA is a purified terephthalic acid (PureTerephthalicAcid) the title, it is one of the important bulk organic materials . It is made through a series of processes refined petroleum oxidized to produce PTA finished its downstream products are polyester , widely used in chemical fiber , light industry, electronics, construction and other industries.
        Currently, China is the world 's largest consumer market PTA , consumption reached about 14 million tons , of which about 50% of domestic supply , demand is expected to reach 17 million tons or more. It is understood that China PTA production of less than 2.2 million tons , and to have reached 700 million tons, with an average annual growth rate of over 26 %. Nevertheless , domestic PTA production still unable to meet strong market demand , supply gap is huge .
        Since the beginning of the development of China's polyester industry , nearly 20 sets of PTA plant coming on stream are basically the introduction of foreign patents. Due to the high PTA industry key technology and equipment imported costs , resulting in higher unit costs PTA products .
        After long-term use of technology accumulation of major equipment and machinery for the production of PTA manufacturing enterprises , through co-operation in scientific research, design, manufacture, user units , at present, the domestic large-scale projects in the PTA process technology and key equipment localization has already taken a crucial step .
        In the process air compressor for example. This unit is the main core of the device PTA plant , which is the main means of providing fine air oxidation reaction of terephthalic acid and recovering part of the energy. As a pioneer in the industry, technology , complete sets of technology research and application systems business , Shaanxi drum through the study of process systems and multi-unit , and has mastered the axial compressor , energy recovery turbine technology and related systems such as centrifugal compressors and multi-unit set of technologies , has been designed and complete sets of nearly 2,000 sets of large units .
        Over the past decade , axial compressors and energy recovery in the introduction , digestion and absorption, based on continued investment funds , and ongoing scientific research and innovation , making these two products aerodynamic design technology, design technology, processing technology , automatic control, complete sets of technology , testing, installation and commissioning of the overall unit technology has reached the international advanced level, has been named " Chinese famous brand " products, and the National Science and technology progress Award. In a centrifugal compressor , through a combination of research , has formed a high-pressure centrifugal compressor design special media , manufacturing, turnkey technology with independent intellectual property rights , and has been designing and manufacturing centrifugal rich gas , synthetic gas , nitrogen oxides, carbon dioxide , etc. compressors.

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