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        Accelerate the development of promising new energy development

        Date:2012年3月13日 14:31


            In early August , the Ministry published in the official website , " the first half of 2011 Petroleum and Chemical Industry economic performance ," the report revealed that the apparent consumption of crude oil was 191 million tons , an increase of 8.5% up to 55.2% of foreign dependency , has surpassed the United States . China is highly dependent on oil, will pose a threat to national energy security . Gradually get rid of excessive dependence on oil , in addition to the implementation of the domestic unconventional gas development " fierce Chinese " strategies, new energy and renewable energy development is also promising in China , we must increase efforts to accelerate new energy and renewable energy development.

            Development of new energy - an important aspect of energy security

            Security of energy supply security , first for the Chinese building a moderately prosperous society and the basic realization of industrialization to provide a stable , economical, clean , reliable and secure energy security.

            Entering the new century , China began to accelerate the process of industrialization and urbanization began to speed , the new urban consumer boom began to rise . According to estimates , the " second five " GDP average annual growth of 8.5% , the average annual energy consumption per unit of GDP fell by 3.7% , energy elasticity coefficient of 0.51 is calculated , to 2015 , primary energy consumption in China will reach 4.1 to 4.2 billion tons of standard coal by 2020 , primary energy consumption will be at least 4.7 billion tons of standard coal. Therefore , China should follow the requirements of a comprehensive , coordinated and sustainable development , drawing on the useful experience of foreign countries to solve energy problems through effective macroeconomic policy guidance, to create an enabling optimization of energy structure, saving energy consumption mechanism to accelerate the progress of energy technologies , strengthen energy management properly solve a series of problems facing the energy supply in order to protect the modernization of energy needs.

            Security of energy supply security, on the one hand , China 's energy development strategy should still put oil on key security positions , attaches great importance to the security of coal supply and use . On the other hand , we must accelerate the development and utilization of new energy and renewable energy , reduce dependence on oil imports and over- exploitation of coal resources , make up the shortage of natural gas resources , ease the energy supply pressure. This is an important part of China's energy development strategy.

            In China's energy production and consumption structure, long dominated by coal . 2009 , China 's primary energy production , the proportion of coal was 81.7%, the proportion was 10.4% of oil , natural gas accounted for 4.4% ; primary energy consumption , the proportion was 74 percent coal , petroleum proportion 18.8 %, natural gas accounted for 4.1%. Due to the long-term and extensive development mode extensive use of coal energy, ecological environment in China With the rapid economic development is rapidly deteriorating. Chinese coal- dominated energy structure will exist for a long , large consumption of environmental safety issues arising from coal will also persist, this phenomenon can not be changed if , China will be growing environmental pressures . Chinese do everything possible to reduce the number of coal , reduce fossil energy consumption, adding new energy and renewable proportion of clean energy and reduce carbon dioxide , sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions , soot particles , corresponding to alleviate the shortage of resources and reduction of environmental pollution has become a top priority .

            2020, to reach Chinese carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP by 40% -45 % compared to 2005 , China's non- fossil fuels in primary energy consumption in the proportion of about 15% of the target , the situation is grim , long way to go .
        Chinese fossil energy based energy structure is facing the dual pressures of resources and the environment , is not sustainable. Conventional energy resources in China total about 820 billion tons of standard coal, the total remaining recoverable proved reserves of 150 billion tons of standard coal, coal resources, mainly oil, natural gas small proportion . In aggregate , the larger of China's energy reserves , accounting for 10 % of the world 's total proven reserves , but the per capita consumption of view, the very lack of energy reserves , coal, oil and natural gas were 70% of the world average , 10 % and 5% . In 2010, Chinese net imports of 236 million tons of crude oil . Following the 2009 net imports of 103 million tons of coal in 2010, China has become the world's largest coal importer, importing about 170 million tons of net . 2009 Chinese coal production reached 30 million tons in 2015 if need 3.8 billion tons of coal , in addition to the need to accelerate domestic production, imports of foreign also need to increase . With the development of Chinese economy and society, the lack of energy resources , unreasonable structure and other issues become increasingly prominent , have undermined the security of energy supply .

            Energy security , the development of low-carbon economy , China must adjust energy structure , the establishment of a low-carbon , clean , efficient and diverse energy mix , the implementation of scientific , green, low-carbon energy strategy . Accelerate the strategic adjustment of China 's energy structure , is to be in China 's modernization process, reduce the demand for fossil energy resources and consumption , reduce dependence on international oil, and reduce the proportion of coal to accelerate research and development of clean coal technology continue to play a role in coal energy , accelerate the development of solar, wind and biomass new energy , vigorously develop hydropower and nuclear power, full support ocean energy , fusion energy research and development of new energy sources , such as the future , the establishment of China's sustainable development energy system .

            Faced with new energy and renewable energy development status quo of China 's top priority is to establish a complete set of new energy and renewable energy technology development roadmap , integration of existing industry resources as soon as possible , the existing resources , to support policy system and the next 12 years of energy investment patterns to rationalize , to create a new energy efficient and renewable energy development in a relaxed environment , the development of new energy Heights occupied world .

            Development of new energy - an important part of the development of emerging industries

            Development of new energy is an important task of economic and social development of China's " Twelfth Five-Year " period, the development of strategic emerging industries is an important aspect of China's economic development is a new growth point . " 1025" period to speed up the transformation of economic development , we must accelerate the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure , foster the development of strategic emerging industries , and the development of new energy and renewable energy is to nurture the development of strategic emerging industries important content.

            Development of new energy development and utilization of renewable energy in China , compared with developed countries , with significant cost advantages ; compared with other developing countries , there are obvious advantages of supporting industries , can drive the downstream energy industry, there is a new relationship with the industrial development , in particular, can stimulate the development of related industries such as high-end equipment manufacturing , cultivate new industries . New energy and renewable energy industry has a long industrial chain , large capital requirements, human resources into large, strong leading role , a large employment capacity characteristics, therefore, the development of new energy and renewable energy is the international financial crisis, expand domestic demand and increase employment , an important way to promote economic growth. Development of new energy and renewable energy can make full use of energy resources in rural areas , according to local conditions to solve the power supply and remote areas of rural residents living in rural energy problems , improve production and living conditions of rural areas, especially in remote areas , renewable energy has become characteristic of rural industries, improve agricultural efficiency , increase farmers' income and promote sustainable economic and social development of rural areas .

            In short , the development and application of new energy technologies , and gradually replace traditional fossil fuels , will lead to a new generation of technological revolution , lead to a new industrial revolution . The new energy industry is likely to be driven by information technology after the global economic recovery , " the new technological revolution ," the core content, the world's new economic growth point. Only the development of new energy and renewable energy , in order to ensure the safety of China's energy supply , adjust and optimize the energy structure, promote the development of strategic emerging industries , to achieve energy and economic, social and environmental development and sustainable development .


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