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        The energy saving fixed target 3 trillion market opens

        Date:2012年3月13日 10:42


           According to Chinese government website reported on the 7th , the State Council recently issued a " " second five " comprehensive energy reduction program of work ." As economic restructuring, industrial upgrading and social transformation a top priority over the next five years , China's energy conservation efforts more , a higher standard , the relevant measures to promote more powerful.

           Up to about one million words this program of work , including the specific requirements of 50 , involving 12 areas , covering the general requirements of energy saving and the main goal, to strengthen energy conservation target responsibility , adjust and optimize the industrial structure , the implementation of energy-saving emission reduction projects promote energy conservation market mechanisms.

           According to the overall goal of " work program " to determine the " five-second" period, China's energy consumption per unit of gross domestic product , COD, sulfur dioxide, ammonia and nitrogen oxide emissions, as compared with the "Eleventh Five-Year" decreased significantly during the period .

          Indicators harder , larger market space . According to industry estimates, by 2015 , China's energy-saving environmental protection industry output will be more than 3 trillion yuan .

            After saving targets linked to regional assessment and resolutely prevent loose tight before

            Mentioning energy conservation, many companies address him nerve-racking , power cuts last year , " one size fits all " scenario is still fresh .

          This time, when the State Council issued the following " work program " clearly and resolutely prevent the emergence of energy conservation work before and after the tight loose problems , with particular emphasis on " accountability" , namely the completion of the energy saving and leading cadres the comprehensive evaluation hook.

            From the specific objectives , whether it is GDP energy consumption or sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions , "five" than the "Eleventh Five-Year" decreased significantly .

            " Work program " clearly , by 2015 , the National yuan GDP energy consumption fell to 0.869 tons of standard coal ( at 2005 prices) , down 16 % compared to 1.034 tons of standard coal in 2010 , compared with 1.276 in 2005 tons of standard coal decreased by 32 %. "Twelve Five-Year" period, China will achieve energy saving 670 million tons of standard coal.

            By 2015 , the total chemical oxygen demand and sulfur dioxide emissions were controlled at 23.476 million tons , 20.864 million tons , down 8 %, respectively, over 2010 of 25,517,000 tons , 22,678,000 tons ; national total ammonia and nitrogen oxide emissions were controlled at 2.38 million tons , 20.462 million tons , compared with 2,644,000 tons in 2010 , 22,736,000 tons down 10 %, respectively.

            However, from the case "five " the first year of the term, you want to compliance is not easy.

            Earlier , Deputy Minister of Environmental Protection Zhang Lijun said that from January to April this year, the Ministry of Environmental Protection of major pollutants emission reduction research point of view, energy conservation is not optimistic.

            Ministry statistics also show that this year the high energy-consuming industries still maintain a rapid growth in the first quarter, six high-energy line of value-added growth of 12.2 %, up 2.6 percentage points from the fourth quarter of last year, the recovery rate is significantly faster than the overall industrial level . Elimination of backward production capacity task is still arduous.

            In order to effectively promote the implementation of the objectives of the " work program " particularly clear , decomposition energy reduction targets to be reasonable , considering the level of economic development , industrial structure, energy-saving potential , environmental capacity and national industrial layout and other factors, a reasonable goal for the national energy saving decomposed into various regions and industries .

            All in all, the various localities and departments must be clear objectives responsibility , pay close attention to the implementation , ensure the realization of "five " emission reduction targets .

           Fiscal and financial support to promote the full range of price and environmental protection charge

            To achieve the "five " emission reduction targets , policies of " pressure" is also a " security ."

            In the curb high energy consumption, high emission industries rapid growth, China will push forward price reform and environmental protection charges , improve fiscal incentives , sound tax policy support , strengthening financial support for efforts to further improve energy conservation in favor of economic policies .

            According to informed sources, then there will be a series of major policies related to energy conservation have been put forward , the relevant ministries will be prepared saving product catalogs, product certification system to improve energy efficiency and energy-saving products in government procurement system.

             " Work program " clearly , to promote price and environmental protection charge . Rationalize coal, electricity, oil, gas , water, minerals and other resource products pricing relationships . Implementation of residential electricity, water ladder price . Perfect TOU electricity price policy . Deepening the heating system , the full implementation of heat metering charges.

             Energy consumption exceeds the limit corporate and product standards , the implementation of punitive tariffs . Strictly implement the desulfurization price , study and formulate fired power plants flue gas denitrification tariff policy . Further improve the sewage treatment fee policy, research will be gradually incorporated into the cost of sludge treatment of sewage treatment costs. Reform and waste disposal charging methods , increase collection efforts , reduce collection costs.

             In taxation, financial support, to support the implementation of national energy saving income tax , value added tax and other preferential policies . Actively promote the reform of resource taxes , crude oil , natural gas and coal resources tax levied from the amount levied by the way to increase the ad valorem tax and the appropriate level , according to the law to clean up the mineral resources involved an unreasonable cancellation fees fund projects .

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