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        Chinese New Year Holiday

        Date:2014年2月10日 09:03


        Dear customers and the general concern Howard Jeter's friends:
        A time when China's traditional Spring Festival season, in the early years of this worship to you and the vast majority of new and old customers and friends! Wish everyone a happy New Year! Plenty of money! To celebrate the traditional Chinese festival, so that all staff can happily lead a happy and peaceful New Year 2014, enjoy the festive joy and happiness together as much as possible with his family, the company decided:
        Companies scheduled to January 28, 2014 (lunar month Nianba) until February 6 (seventh lunar January) holiday, a total of 10 days. February 7, 2014 (eighth lunar January) official work. Special Note: on his way home, please pay attention to personal safety and property security I wish you all a happy, peaceful, festive during the Spring Festival holiday, such as customers and friends can contact if you have any demand for sales managers and sales!!. So that we can provide further services and help for you! Thank you for your continued concern and support for the Howard Jeter's again! 

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