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        Energy Technology "Twelfth Five Year Plan" released

        Date:2012年3月13日 10:08


            National Energy Board yesterday officially issued " National Energy Technology " five "plan ", " planning" is divided four key technology areas of exploration and mining technology , processing and conversion technologies , power generation and transmission and distribution technologies and new energy technologies , and will run through the principle of " Enhancing Efficiency priority" to the planning and implementation among the various fields .

            "Planning" is determined in these four key technical areas of the 19 energy application technology and engineering major demonstration projects, formulated to achieve development goals technology roadmap , and the need for major projects in key technology breakthroughs , planning the 37 major technology research, 24 major technical equipment , 34 major demonstration projects and 36 technical innovation platform.

            It is the first planned release after the establishment of the National Energy Board , is also China's first Energy Technology Plan .

            New energy independent technology research

            Although the technological level of China's energy has increased significantly , but the core technology is still lagging behind the world advanced level. For example , the key dependent on foreign technology and equipment ; suited to China's complex geological conditions of coal-bed methane and shale oil and gas exploration , exploitation and utilization of technology system has not been formed ; independent innovation capacity of wind power is not strong, the key components of the control systems, blade design and bearings, etc. dependence on imports and so on.

            To this end, "plan " put forward in 2015 to form a more perfect energy technology innovation system, overcome technical bottlenecks energy development , improve the efficiency of energy production and use in energy exploration and extraction, processing and transformation , as well as power generation and transmission and distribution the new field of energy needed for key technology and equipment to achieve independence , part of the technology and equipment to reach the international advanced level.

            Which , in terms of technology in the field of exploration and exploitation , will improve the complex geology of oil and gas resources, coal and CBM resources in integrated exploration techniques , the formation of shale gas and other unconventional natural gas exploration and development of the core technology system and ancillary equipment.

            In terms of processing and conversion technology, a breakthrough ultra- low-quality crude oil processing overweight and key technology, refining light oil recovery rate of 80%. Independent development of coal liquefaction , gasification, coal polygeneration integration technology , and special qualities of natural gas , coal gas and biomass gas purification technology.

            In the field of power generation and transmission and distribution technologies , to achieve full autonomy large capacity and high voltage transmission key technology and equipment to improve power transmission capacity and the ability to withstand natural disasters , in the smart grid , intermittent power access and large-scale energy storage achieved a breakthrough.

            In the field of new energy technologies , digestion and absorption of three generations of nuclear power plant technology , the formation of the type of reactor design and related intellectual property rights , manufacturing key technologies ; master the 6-10MW wind turbine machine design and manufacture of key components and technology, sea- and land-based wind power of industrial applications ; increase solar cell efficiency , the development of a variety of solar 100MW level of integration with proprietary technology and network operation .

            Long-term goal ahead of the layout

            It is reported that , "planning" will be done through joint implementation of energy around the authorities, research institutions and energy enterprises.

            "Plan " put forward over the energy sector and other areas in conjunction with major technology research projects and major technical equipment , " planning" in the " Twelfth Five-Year " period proposed to select and determine the major energy pilot demonstration projects. Priority approval innovation and equipment made case perfect Zhuo major demonstration projects to develop appropriate measures and methods . While taking advantage of the tax and the first (set ) equipment preferential policies to encourage technological innovation , and actively promote demonstration projects .

            Meanwhile, the " plan" will have to have some basis and "Twelve Five " period to achieve the industrialization of major scientific and technological work as the main仸Service, while deployed over the next 10 years is expected to achieve major breakthroughs in cutting-edge technology projects, such as 700 ℃ ultra in supercritical units, high temperature and high strength materials, HTR demonstration projects , large-scale advanced pressurized water reactor nuclear power demonstration project , a large-scale energy storage .

            In addition, the "planning" in the above four areas also proposed in 2020 China's energy technology development goals. For example, in the field of new energy technologies , built with independent intellectual property rights of large advanced PWR demonstration power plant . Wind turbine machine and key components of the design and manufacturing technology has reached the international advanced level ; development of distributed photovoltaic represented reduce intermittent energy systems , photovoltaic and conventional power generation cost to considerable ; carry out multi- tower solar thermal power technology supercritical the study , to achieve commercial application of solar thermal 300MW supercritical generating units ; realize the industrialization of advanced biofuels technologies and high-value utilization.


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