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        National patent ultra high molecular weight modified mixer pipe

        Date:2012年3月13日 09:54


        1 . high impact resistance
        UHMW mixer absorb impact energy and impact resistance plastic in the first ranks either strong external shock or internal pressure fluctuations are difficult to crack. The impact strength of nylon 66, 10 times, 20 times of PVC , the mixer 4 times. Especially at low temperatures , but the impact strength of higher value. This ultra-high molecular weight mixer conveyor system flexibility to provide a safe and reliable protection .
            2 . high wear resistance
        In many piping materials , ultra-high molecular weight mixer minimum coefficient of friction , especially coupled with ultra-high molecular chain length , making the ultra high molecular weight modified wear mixer pipe than at the time of delivery of various slurry pipe , stainless steel pipe 4-7 times higher than the PVC pipe and tube mixer about 10 times higher , greatly improve the life of the pipeline.
            3 . anti- corrosion
        Based on ultra high molecular weight molecules mixer is a saturated structure , so its high chemical stability , in a certain range of temperature and concentration ability of various highly corrosive media ( acids, bases , salts ) and organic solvents erosion.
            4 . no scaling
        Ultra-high molecular weight mixer self-lubricating and non -adhesion, friction coefficient minimum . The inner wall of the pipe produced by a special process corrosion resistance, abrasion , no scaling , so the flow resistance is small , long-term to maintain velocity and flow unabated. Pipe inner diameter is reduced by 15.4% than the design .
            5 . weathering and aging resistance
        I produced ultra high molecular weight modified black pipe mixer with good weather and aging resistance . On the one hand , because the ultrahigh molecular chain unsaturated pipe few genes , molecular weight ; the other side, to increase the quality improvers added so much ultra- life of the pipeline than the normal mixer pipe. Around 60 years of use , high pipeline still maintain more than 70% of the mechanical properties.
            6 . the optimum temperature of width
        Long-term work at a temperature of -269 ℃ to 80 ℃ .
            7 . the flame retardancy
        Special industry with a day of fire environment , adding flame retardant modification, special manufacturing process to overcome the ultra high molecular weight mixer itself flammability , flame retardant properties.
            8 . light weight , easy to install
        This product is flexible, able to adapt to a variety of geological conditions , can be directly laid bending ; flange connection , no liner sheet , connection quick and easy .

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