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        Controversy "total energy consumption control" of the New Deal

        Date:2012年3月13日 10:13


            " Total energy consumption control " New Deal will affect the "five " and economic development for some time . Although well- demonstrated , repeatedly weigh energy carried by the New Deal controversy still raging .

            October 2010 Fifth Plenary Session of the Seventeenth held "reasonable control of total energy consumption ," entered the national decision-making horizons. Prior to this, the domestic energy research organizations have conducted research on the topic of this energy policy.

            Two years later, the total energy consumption of the control objectives and decomposition mechanisms remain to word boudoir . Energy experts call it " the parties Game longest time decision ."

            In the past year, the energy department repeatedly to local authorities , enterprises, experts and scholars for advice. Place the next document issued from the " energy security , environmental protection, economic development mode shift " and other aspects of the importance of total energy consumption control Publicizing .

            Today, the total control program is still difficult to reach a consensus in various fields. In the discussion between central and local , energy experts , and is supported by many high-profile , low-key talk about the problems and the crux . And in the audience , the person in charge of local development and reform the system complain incessantly , some experts have made ​​it clear, cast against it.

            In fact, the greatest consensus should be reached between the central and local governments. Otherwise, the energy of the New Deal will alienation.

            In the inertia of economic development, energy consumption expanding the scale of resources . Once the country for local consumption restrictions , means that economic development path was blocked , local officials bound to recoup their losses from other sources. For example, statistical data on energy consumption issue, the senior public relations efforts in the muddle with the mind.

            Summary of all points of view , the total energy consumption control policy debate focused on three points. First , developed countries in Europe , India and other developing countries, there is no precedent of whether the conditions necessary to implement total control ; Second , the implementation of the shackles of the total energy control local development , suspected of planning economy ; Third , the lack of total control energy statistics , energy monitoring , energy assessment and other technical means do support.

           And energy consumption of different intensity index , total energy consumption is an absolute indicator.

            "Five" comprehensive energy reduction program has been set for the local GDP energy consumption indicators , if the total energy consumption is set to "ceiling" , the space for local economic development will be an indirect restriction . This involves a serious problem , the central policy implications of the autonomy of local economic development , various means of administrative intervention plan , administrative allocation of resources , etc. will be magnified.

            Besides, the provinces "five" targets the development of economies of scale have been reviewed and approved by local people's congresses , the same legal effect . In this case , the central policy to obey local , national , or in the direction of compromise, or the two sides play tug of war , the ultimate policy dystocia ?

            A basic concept should be clear , 31 is a strong local government stakeholders , but also the spokesperson stakeholders in each jurisdiction , on the question of the possibility of the development of the local authority is not easily compromise .

            At present , China's energy statistical accounting , monitoring, there are technical problems, affecting overall control policy implementation .

            The total energy consumption of a region in the end how much ? In energy statistics , the need for coal , electricity, oil , gas, energy and other new energy into the statistical category. An energy efficiency expert , told reporters that the different heat values ​​of different energy , different types of the same kind of energy , the energy is difficult to accurately accounting . National level statistics released , about 10% of the difference between the energy consumption and increase the total local presence .

            Energy Statistics affected accounting basis , accounting methods , accounting willingness accounting capabilities , and many other factors , work intensity, highly technical . If the lack of accurate energy statistics , the total control policies will evolve into " entertain " the numbers game. Statistical report looks very nice , but in reality there is no reference value and practical significance. Energy statistics departments need to settle down to study , provincial, municipal , county and corporate energy statistics department is no exception.

            On energy monitoring , in addition to real-time power monitoring, real-time measurement , the dynamic monitoring of other varieties of energy consumption are difficult, the most prominent coal consumption monitoring . For a long time , the proportion of coal has remained at about 70% of China's energy consumption , coupled with coal ( coking coal , anthracite, lean coal , etc. ) diversity, uses extensive ( half for power generation, half of the non-electric ) , coal consumption dynamics greater monitoring difficult.

            Given these current situation , the proposed energy before the New Deal , full communication with the provincial governments , businesses, experts agree on the implementation of policies to increase the level of acceptance policy , beware of the upper and lower decree unreasonable.

            Total energy consumption control target to avoid too rigid , you can set a power consumption control target range. As a result, enhance the flexibility of the policy itself , and secondly to retain some room for macroeconomic policy adjustments.

            In the decomposition of the total energy consumption , the level of economic development should be a combination of factors , industry structure , energy saving target different regions, the distribution of energy consumption indicators differentiated to each region vary . You can consider the introduction of market mechanisms to establish the amount of energy trading indicators replacement system to achieve different enterprises , quota trading between different regions .

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