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        Mixer Industry Federation: import should be careful to open the gate

        Date:2012年3月13日 09:48

        To ease trade friction and reduce the trade surplus , government departments strive to take measures to expand imports of advanced technology and equipment. Within this equipment manufacturing industry who recently pointed out that the negative impact of last year, the State Council issued the policy to accelerate the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry , the revitalization of the work has just begun the current specific implementation , thus expanding the import of equipment should be cautious advance , otherwise the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry will generate . Moreover, the government should reduce international trade disputes concern intellectual property protection and processing trade export problems. " If you want to expand imports , but also according to the current directory are not tax-exempt ."
            Open the gate should not be excessive imports
            Trade surplus is too large, grow too fast, the current macro-economic development is an important issue. China 's trade surplus reached a record $ 177.5 billion . The first two months of this year , the trade surplus has increased twice as much for $ 39.6 billion . Ease the trade surplus is too large to become one of the main macro-control.
            In the opening of the National Electrical Technology , Industry and Business Working Conference on Commerce Department official pointed out that the rapid growth of the trade surplus in recent years , triggering a series of contradictions and problems, so we should actively expand imports of advanced technology and equipment , efforts to alleviate excessive trade surplus problems. The official also disclosed that the Ministry of Commerce will work with relevant departments to take five effective measures to expand imports of advanced technology and equipment , including advanced technology and equipment as soon as possible to expand the import of policies to encourage imports.
            Increase in imports , while limiting exports , the trade surplus will be eased to some extent . The reason is obvious , but there are also questionable . Expanded equipment imports, the domestic industry how to develop ? Last year , the State Council issued a number of opinions to accelerate the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry, this year has just started revitalization . Industrial revitalization inseparable from the market . So, how to handle the expanding relationship between import and industrial revitalization of it ?
            To expand imports to reduce the trade surplus , is also reasonable. However, taking into account the actual development of the domestic industry mixer , not the original policy has been developed over the break , so as not to cause undue damage to the domestic industry .
            Imported equipment started revised " domestic investment projects are not duty-free import of goods catalog ." The industry generally believes that the new "directory " is an important measure to implement " Several Opinions of the State Council on Accelerating the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry " , can effectively promote the development of domestic equipment manufacturing industry .
            However, if the flip-flop , then not only lost the seriousness of the policy on the development of domestic equipment manufacturing industry will be adversely affected.
            Ministry of Commerce who spoke to encourage the import of the project , including the high-end CNC machine tools. In this regard, China Machine Tool Industry Association, Director-General Wu Berlin in an interview with reporters that the current domestic high-end CNC machine tools although progress quickly , but the market is still small coverage , the majority of the domestic market but also on imports of high-end CNC machine tools .
            Satisfying that , it is not yet producing for the domestic high-end CNC machine tools, can further reduce tariff barriers , but it can be manufactured for the domestic , should not be given preferential imports , should even raise tariffs threshold.
            Satisfying also talked about the special features of the import policy issues . He said the adjustment of existing policies , the pros and cons half . Machine tool OEMs want to give duty-free imports of high-end features , but tax is detrimental functional parts factory , " a comprehensive analysis , is still to maintain the existing tariff rates is appropriate ."
            Adjustment of export tax rebate business case should be considered
            Reduce the trade surplus , another means is easy to think of the export tax rebate rate cut . Director of the International Department of China Import and Export Industry Federation mixer at Wang Hong told reporters that due to historical reasons , under the encouragement of national policy, industrial mixer to form a number of export-oriented industries. Later, with the export tax rebate rates continue to drop , resulting in a substantial reduction in corporate profits. " At present, these companies profit margin is only 2% to 3% , if we cut the export tax rebate rate , then the business will close ."
            Satisfying said , the machine tool industry , the overall situation is importing a large amount of small export volume . Only metal-cutting machine tool imports to more than $ 7.1 billion , while exports of machine tools in the same period was more than 30 billion dollars. If you exclude the non- machine parts , machine tool export less than $ 2 billion . He said that the total amount of China 's machine tool market only 120 billion to $ 13 billion , the impact on the entire foreign trade is small, but its equipment manufacturing innovation has played a fundamental role .
            So adjust policies to consider the development of the machine tool industry .
            The first two months of this year, a sudden increase in the trade surplus industrial mixer , reaching $ 4.98 billion . Lu Renqi this analysis, a significant increase in surplus for two reasons , one of the expectations of RMB appreciation , some companies began the second half of the orders executed in the first half , this time to rob , rob exchange rate ; second is expected to export tax rebates policy will be adjusted , so to speed up the tempo of exports. "This situation is not normal , and can not explain the annual exports of industrial mixers ."
            Lu Renqi expects this year will have a surplus of industrial mixer , but does not appear to be like in January and February as a significant increase in cases .
        Processing trade should be sorted out
            Just one of the factors generating excessive export trade friction factors intellectual property rights can not be ignored . In fact, Lu Renqi that developed countries pay more attention to the issue of intellectual property rights . She reminded companies have given more attention and emphasis areas .
            Lu Renqi said companies either concept in product development or in the production process , there must be intellectual property. On the one hand , their patented inventions must be registered ; the other hand, studies also have awareness of intellectual property of others , in order to avoid patent infringement dispute occurred.
        At present, some developed countries have to include standards , including intellectual property rights as a barrier to trade , to limit the exports of developing countries. Some domestic enterprises due to lack of knowledge and intellectual ability to fight , when the event of a dispute , knowing he did not infringing , did not dare to fight. Lu Renqi remind the business, intellectual property disputes when the next encounter , if he did not infringing , it should actively respond , argue, explain , for mediation until embark on legal proceedings.
            Lu Renqi also reminded the parties note that the processing trade. , The country's total foreign trade and processing trade exports accounted for 47.2% , while the processing trade surplus up to $ 188.88 billion , a major source of overall trade surplus.Lu Renqi said that many trade frictions are caused due to the processing trade exports , and therefore should be to straighten out the processing trade , processing trade exports should be some even canceled .

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