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        Technical catalog introduction of renewable resources

        Date:2012年3月13日 10:10


            Reporter February 8 from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology informed , the Ministry announced a " comprehensive utilization of renewable resources, advanced technology catalog (the first ) ," the "directory " of 6 95 technology categories .

            "Directory " includes waste electrical and electronic technology products 13 , 23 scrap tire rubber technology , scrap metal and waste glass technology 18 , waste plastics and waste 18 textile technology , architecture and technology 11 agricultural and forestry wastes , waste paper and other techniques 12 .

            Among them, the scrap tire rubber technology includes pre-vulcanized tire retreading equipment and technology, high -value precured retread tires ring outfit and key technologies, pre-vulcanized tread rubber and tire retreading technology, engineering machinery giant tire retreading technology , tire retreading no molding vulcanized tread new technology and new materials technology, new reclaimed rubber production technology , super plasticized rubber technology , high strength odorless environmentally friendly recycled rubber technology , decomposition techniques produce no smell reclaimed rubber , butyl rubber, high temperature continuous regeneration technology, dual power without continuous regeneration of waste rubber conveyor shaft (FGD ) equipment and technology , waste recycling of steel radial tire production automation technology , LZ integrated control module temperature method used tires fine powder production technology , waste tire retreading tread rubber powder in surface glue application technology.

            Waste plastics and waste textile technologies, including waste plastics pyrolysis fuel pressure equipment and technology , low temperature pyrolysis of waste plastics -oil outfit and technology, the use of large-scale coking process municipal solid waste treatment technology of waste plastics , fiber - plastic composite panels and deep-processing production technology using environmentally friendly wood plastic waste materials preparation technology , the production of thin steel protective plastic waste materials technology, polyester waste recycling technology resources.

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