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        China will encourage the introduction of the New Deal green cycle consumption

        Date:2012年3月13日 09:44


            Chinese Ministry of Commerce, said recently that more than two years of implementation of home appliance trade policy will end as scheduled at the end of this year. To reduce pressure on the environment , encourage green consumption , the Chinese government will soon introduce a new promotion of environmental protection, financial subsidies carbon consumption.

            " We are working in conjunction with the relevant thematic studies new consumer promotion policies , the main idea is to build energy-saving products and waste recycling system for financial subsidies , but specifically how to make up, make up what products , how much, the relevant departments of the State Council will further research . " Chinese Ministry of Commerce recently welcomed development Secretary, told the circulation to the Xinhua News Agency reporters .

            To ease the pressure on the environment , increase energy conservation efforts in recent years, China cycling advocate and promote green consumption , hoping to expand consumption , while starting from the terminal , Forced industrial companies to develop energy-saving , low-carbon products , the development of green economy.

            Data from the Chinese Ministry of Commerce show that in stimulating home appliance trade policy , as of November 30 , China sold a total of 81.3 million units of new appliances , stimulating direct consumption 300.4 billion yuan , while the recycling of waste appliances 83.73 million units, the use of waste home appliances the iron and steel , nonferrous metals, plastics, and other resources of approximately 970,000 tons .

            'Policy in stimulating consumption while promoting resource conservation and environmental protection . " Yan said the recycling of waste household appliances bears cobalt, nickel , rare earth and other rich resources, dismantling centralized waste household appliances , and promote recycling use effectively tap the "urban mines ."

           According to Xin introduced , under the guidance of home appliance trade policy , Chinese manufacturers working to develop the production of energy-saving products , compared with the phase out of the old high-energy appliances, new appliances can save energy by about 20-30% .

            Standardized recycling industry chain in China is also taking shape . According to the Chinese Ministry of Commerce survey , since the trade-in policy implementation , cultivating a group of environmental compliance appliance recycling waste dismantling integrated enterprises. Waste electrical and electronic products to the previous individual traders , individual service points and second-hand market situation has changed , the country most of the waste electrical and electronic products to the formal sector , designated by the sound processing enterprises , to eliminate the "secondary pollution . "

            Not just appliances TM , a series of encouraging green New Deal spending cycle is also being implemented or Chinese brewing .

            At present, China is implementing the policy of subsidies to promote energy-efficient cars for consumers to buy fuel-efficient vehicles to continue to give a one-time fixed subsidy of 3,000 yuan . Chinese Ministry data show that as of July 2011 , 25 pilot cities nationwide energy-saving and new energy vehicles to maintain the total amount of more than 10,000 .

            Ministry of Finance, Development and Reform Commission promulgated the " energy-saving products Waste Management Project" and a series of policies , Chinese consumers to buy energy-saving lamps , air conditioners and other products are entitled to financial subsidies.

            Country in promoting green consumption has also been explored , such as from 4 September 2011 , Beijing public participation , such as when to buy energy-saving appliances appliances TM , you can then get 100-300 yuan for energy subsidies .

            Analysts pointed out , including the home appliance trade deal with the crisis , including the pro- consumer policies have expired , an important reason for China's consumption growth slowed this year. The environmental pressures , "Twelve Five" period limited policy space in China to expand consumption , environmentally friendly , low-carbon , green consumption will be the next focus of expanding consumer policy .

           China National Bureau of Statistics show that in November 2011 , China's total retail sales 1.6129 trillion yuan of social consumer goods , an increase of 17.3% in nominal , down 1.4 percentage points over the same period last year . Affected by the policy change , building materials, automobile and other consumer hot substantial cooling .

            "Because of the constraints of environmental resources , and control upward pressure on prices , making and housing , automotive short-term consumption-related regulatory policies difficult to quit , reducing the consumption of late expanded policy space ." Deputy director of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Economy Trade Institute Consumer Zhao Ping said .

            Ministry of Commerce spokesman Shen Danyang noted that internal and external environment facing China's consumer market is more complex, affecting consumption growth more uncertain and unstable factors . Without the introduction of new consumer policy situation , do not rule out consumption growth next year will decline.

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