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        The successful development of a new generation of energy-efficient ultra-fine mixer

        Date:2012年3月13日 09:33

        Since most of the existing high-energy grinding equipment , grinding fineness and lower grinding efficiency , over the years , our scientific and technological personnel continue to explore new technical solution to develop superior performance replacement. Recently, the inventor Xu Yongping , Xu Weinan met with this reporter to reporter demonstrated by their successful development of a new generation and energy-efficient access to national patent superfine mixer .
            "Compared with the currently most widely used ball mill, mixer, we developed a new generation of energy-saving feature is the biggest ." Xu Wei M , told reporters in output per hour , the same quality crushed , the new mill to improve energy efficiency 10 times , saving more than 50% , but only half the volume of conventional ball mill .
        With an annual output of 300,000 tons of cement production line applications mill cases: 300,000 tons of cement production line required diameter 3.8 m × 7.5 m ball a motor power of 1600 kilowatts , yield 80 tons / hour ; diameter of 3 m × 12 m clinker mill an electric power of 1250 kilowatts , yield 32 to 35 tons / hour ; diameter of 2.4 m × 4.5 m a coal grinding mill , the electric power of 240 kilowatts , yield 8 to 9 tons / hour, three sets of mill electricity consumption accounted for more than 30% of electricity consumption in cement production , if you use a new generation of mixers , saving 9,000,000 kwh a year for the production line , worth 4.5 million yuan , the economic benefits are substantial. Currently, if the production of cement in the country each year by 1 billion tons calculation, mill power consumption of more than 100 billion kwh . If the use of new energy-saving ball mill, calculated by saving 30% , alone, can saving 30 billion kwh , electricity 0.5 yuan per kilowatt-hour basis, can cost 15 billion yuan for enterprises , can save the country 10 million tons of coal .
            "The new mixer second notable feature is that the grinding fineness to be radically improved ." Xu Weinan , said the new energy-saving ultra-fine grinding mixer finest materials measured up to 12,000 head ( equivalent to 1 micron ) or more, The ball can only be achieved with ordinary yield 200 mesh ( equivalent to 74 microns). Ultrafine materials are typically added after 2 to 4 times , some even up to a few times.
            In addition , the new mill wide range of applications , for the production of cement, ceramics , paints, coal, chemical , metallurgical and other industries more than 300 , can replace almost all types of mills, to meet production requirements from 0.1 t / h takes ~ 60 t / h of dry grinding can also be wet grinding, and environmental performance is excellent .
             Xu Weinan also briefed reporters on the "energy superfine mixer " works: materials handling equipment from the upgrade via the inlet into the mill , ball mill grinding chamber through turbulence , vibration function , the use of high-speed rotary device specially designed to produce High-frequency dynamic rotating media flow field , so adding the impact of particulate material within each mill , friction, shearing or cutting achieve crushed. When grinding , the material was shorter in the expansion of the role of high-frequency shock , the material of which the cracks due to fragile parts of the grain boundary or heterogeneous interfaces , etc. subject to tensile stress the role of being crushed or torn. After the exit of material crushed into powder grading machine to achieve fractionation reach the required fineness of powder collected by the cyclone collector , coarse particles from the classifier conveying equipment to re-enter through the lower mill grinding .

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