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        Changes and developments in markets and application areas Mixer

        Date:2012年3月13日 09:50


        China's production of many manufacturers of vacuum mixer , vacuum mixer sales all around 1,5 billion, with annual sales equivalent to only a vacuum mixer . Through the global vacuum mixer market analysis we can see that the markets and applications of various types of vacuum mixers are constantly changing and developing . Manufacturing of vacuum mixer has a long history and strong foundation , domestic real mixer has been applied in various fields and have proven that some mixers also exported abroad, authorized users are abroad and has been well received , it should be said that our vacuum mixer manufacturing in the domestic market still has huge development space.
        1 . the liquid ring mixer
        Although crude liquid ring vacuum mixer mixer belong , but in the field of petroleum , chemical, power , textile , paper, pharmaceutical and other country still has a large market. Overseas, sales of liquid ring mixer 14% of all vacuum mixer market , second only to the dry mixer, so Nash, Seimems and Kinney and other companies have invested factories or establish sales networks in our country, in our expanding market share. Since most of the liquid ring mixer casting , processing requirements are not high , is a labor-intensive products , so domestic liquid ring mixers have a competitive advantage in terms of price , the key is to improve the design, reduce the size , weight , improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption .
        2 . a mixer valve spool
        As the slide valve mixer more durable , reliable , domestic variety of vacuum furnaces, coating and drying machines , and other equipment are impregnated with a slide valve preamp mixer mixer, but re- spool casting mixer , processing workload than the large, so the vacuum of foreign factories in China looking for partners. To make homemade spool mixers can enter the international market, we must further reduce the vibration and noise of the mixer , to eliminate fuel injection and oil spills, improve the reliability of long-running slide valve mixer .
        3 . Direct rotary vane mixer
        As vacuum technology continues to expand in various application areas , Direct rotary vane mixer growing demand . Because of this high number mixer , processing and assembling heavy workload, the price is very low, so some foreign manufacturers to establish a professional vacuum plant in China . Domestic SME Direct rotary vane mixer technically had passed , the price is cheaper than abroad mixer , so domestic mixer still have a competitive advantage , the key is to solve the leak and seal materials and rotary vane vacuum mixing oil performance quality issues , ensuring high-speed direct connection , in addition to the ability of the domestic direct steam rotary vane pump mixer mixer performance under high temperature stability and reliable operation, while also further improved.
        4 . Roots mixer
        Roots from abroad mixer production situation, they accounted for sales of various global Roots Roots mixer mixer sales ratio of no more than 5 %, which is a total of only 5 to 20% , Roots mixer output small, but the price of foreign Roots mixer mixer is much higher than domestic . Currently, almost all domestic and foreign large or small, high vacuum , and the vacuum system, in order to shorten the extraction time and improve production efficiency are equipped with Roots mixer, so domestic occupation Roots mixer must try to enter the domestic market on the basis of international market , so we must further reduce vibration noise Roots mixer , seal leakage solve problems, and improve the appearance of quality mixer , improve the finish and cleanliness inside the mixer . Also, consider the power frequency in some countries and regions to 60Hz, but also to ensure the reliability of the Roots mixer speed to improve the situation in the long run .
        At present , the domestic air-cooled inline mixer atmospheric Roots progressed very quickly , technically mature. Since this mixer with the vent below the gas cooler , wherein part of the cooled gas is returned to the mixer chamber through the conduit to cool the rotor , so that a compression heat balance , so that the mixer can discharge directly to the atmosphere. In order to meet the requirements of different ultimate vacuum , this mixer can be used in tandem , usually preceded by an air-cooled vertical atmospheric Roots mixer, ultimate vacuum achieved pre- mixer than an order of magnitude . This mixer mixer cavity did not work because the media , and indeed are dry mixer . At present, this air-cooled inline mixer and Atmospheric Roots crew has been balancing in petroleum, chemicals, plastics , pesticides , turbine rotors.
        5 . molecular Mixer
        Molecular mixer outside the semiconductor field number of occasions, the low temperature is used instead of a mixer , in particular sputtering, etching, and other devices are color LCVD complex molecules as the primary mixer and the mixer mixer traction .
        As the molecules of water vapor pumping speed mixer for only a quarter of the same caliber cryogenic pumping speed of the mixer , so the molecules longer than the low temperature exhaust mixer mixer long. In order to increase the pumping speed , the inlet side of the foreign molecule mixer fitted in a low-temperature cold -130 ℃ ~ -150 ℃ , called low molecular mixer , water vapor is trapped cold plate , from molecules of other gases pumped mixer away. This mixer on low molecular vacuum coating device applications , both to improve production efficiency and improved film quality. With the rapid development of China's semiconductor industry , film industry and science research , molecular mixer should be the focus of a vacuum mixer manufacturing industry. First of all, from small to large molecules mixer to create a complete series , and research and development of various complex molecules mixers, mixer and low molecular mixer traction to meet the needs of different occasions.
        6 . dry mixer
        Dry mixer growing foreign markets , the main driver from the semiconductor industry , the chemical industry , the rapid development of the film industry. In Japan, the semiconductor industry have all been replaced with dry vacuum mixer oil seal mechanical mixer , European semiconductor industry for more than 45% by dry vacuum mixer mixer instead of mechanical seals , greatly improving the performance and quality of the product. In order to meet different applications and different application requirements , foreign multiple -stage Roots vacuum mixer, multi-stage claw vacuum mixers, screw-type vacuum mixer, vacuum mixer scroll , reciprocating piston vacuum mixer and turbo oil-free vacuum mixer . Extreme pressure from 10Pa ~ 10-2Pa, pumping speed from 20m3 / h ~ 500m3 / h. According to statistics, the domestic application of dry mixer less than 1 % of the domestic semiconductor industry with a dry mixer imported from abroad , and its price is very expensive. Therefore , China should vigorously research and development dry mixer , and the dry industrial vacuum mixer become China's new economic growth point.

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